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Technology is used in my classroom on a daily basis. Students come into class every morning and complete Target board on the iPad using the app Classkick. With Classkick, students can work individually while I check what they are doing and give feedback. Students have also used Popplet to create webs and they turn their product into me by scanning the QR code for my Padlet. It is convenient and my students enjoy being able to use technology for learning. Technology in the classroom is useful because it gives students the ability to see something different and not just pencil and paper all the time.

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MarkJelic13 May 11, What sort of app? They are hardware developers. It isn’t their job to develop applications. All a smartboard is, is a big touch screen.

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Type on PDF App I like my classroom to be neat and organized and I do not like a lot of paper and notebooks if I can have the information on the computer. This app allows me to cut down hundreds of copies each year as I give my yearly reading assessments from the iPad instead of on paper. As my students read the leveled books, I keep a running record and notes on my iPad through this app. I have all of the files stored on my computer, so I can easily access them and see where I can help my students without having to keep tons of copies in a notebook.

For more about this app, check out my Post: Apps for the Classroom 9.

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You will also need the Chrome Remote Desktop app from the App Store on your iPad. Opening both applications on your laptop and iPad while on the same wireless network will allow you to connect the devices and view your desktop screen on your iPad. Click here for additional information and help with Chrome Remote Desktop. 2.

There are two ways for iPad mirroring to occur: Mirroring a laptop to an iPad When you mirror your laptop to your iPad, your iPad will display everything that is on your laptop screen, giving you the ability to control your laptop with your iPad. The Doceri program is free for evaluation purposes. When you are using the free trial, a watermark will appear when you use the annotating feature.

There will also be a watermark when creating screencasts with Doceri. Chrome Remote Desktop Chrome Remote Desktop is a simple remote desktop viewer that displays your computer screen on your iPad and allows you to control it wirelessly. Opening both applications on your laptop and iPad while on the same wireless network will allow you to connect the devices and view your desktop screen on your iPad.

Click here for additional information and help with Chrome Remote Desktop. This is great for introducing apps to students or demonstrating how you want them to work with a specific app.

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One of the first things that many teachers want to do is to be able to hook them up to their Interactive Whiteboards to show whatever is on the screen to a class. But here they all are in one handy blog post. This does work pretty well, although you are tethered by the cable and sometimes the connector can work loose. Not every app will work in landscape mode, so you do get some flickering as the mode shifts. You are simply hooking up the iPad to the projector. You can then connect your iPad to the Apple TV over a wireless network.

This is an Editable ActivInspire Promethean Game Board Template. Simply add your own questions and answers to play this game for any grade or any subject. Great for test review!Create games for your classroom, or to sell on TpT.

PogoPossum Mar 29, I have read of connecting the iPad to the digital projector via iPad-HDMI cable, but I want to be able walk around the classroom, not tied to the projector. Not directly, and not without some help, but there are ways to get that effect. You can not go direcly from iPad to Promethean board you need to go through the projector.

While as of now the only way to go directly from the iPad to the projector is through a cable, you have several options to go through a second device. Connect an Apple TV to your projector. This allows you to “mirror” duplicate so you see the same image on both screens the iPad screen to the projector and thus to the board. Y Use the iPad to control the computer with an app such as Remote Desktop. This won’t show the iPad screen on the board, but will allow you to show the computer screen and control it from the iPad.

You will be able to use the Promethean software, which will not work for options 1 or 3. Reflection is a fairly new app that allows you to mirror an iPad onto a Mac which could then be connected to the projector. I haven’t used it yet, since our school is primarily Windows, but one teacher plans on trying it with her Mac. Apparently it doesn’t fully take up the screen, so you’ll see an iPad on a computer screen as in the picture on the website , although I assume you can enlarge it to fill up the screen.

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It’s Leslie from First Grade and Flip Flops and I’m here to share with you some easy ways to incorporate technology into your everyday lessons. I have always loved technology and incorporate it as much as I can! I use it in so many ways: The best part is that your class doesn’t have to be a blended learning class or have multiple devices.

You can view, navigate and annotate applications running on the desktop of the computer using the iPad, similar to an interactive whiteboard (IWB) with a wireless slate such as a SMART Board or Promethean board.

Today my Promethean Board was installed! I spent long hours after work trying to figure out how to operate this newest addition to my digi-classroom. Thanks to the aid of my good friend and co-worker Autumn Laidler and my other good friend, Google, I began to learn the basics. As we explored the different features of the board, we wondered aloud about what effects it could have – positive and negative – on our students’ learning.

As a math teacher, I love to have miles of whiteboard space so as to allow students to work out problems without erasing I worry that this board will cause us to lose out on this facet of my math classroom. Also, will I be “stuck” in the front of the room? Will the technology become my focus instead of the math? In response to my worry regarding the room becoming too teacher-centric, I turn – once again – to our iPads. In a few moments, they can take control of my computer and show their work on the board.

Moreover, they can then screenshot that work and email it to me so I can have a visual record of their participation. As Autumn and I talked, we discussed the great opportunity in capturing lessons that occur on this board. I am hoping to experiment with Quicktime Screencasts to achieve this goal. Absent students can see what they missed and present students who need a second look could also access this resource.

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A think tank focused on creative solutions for future problem solvers. I finally figured it out and am now able to project my Kindle books for my whole class. In some ways this is great. I don’t have to take the time to scan each page, which saves a lot of time.

“ Created by teachers, for teachers, Promethean Planet is a unique teaching, sharing and support community—your place to connect, create, and change the classroom! There are plenty of free resources, lessons, clipart, videos (and more) here for all teachers in all subjects!

They trade in typical whiteboards for interactive, accommodating, mess-free presentation tools. Using your smartphone to control the Smart Board frees you from having to sit at the projecting computer to manage a presentation, and multiple people can participate using their smartphones as well, using a shared app. How Smart Boards Work Smart Boards use digital screens that project images from computers — or tablets or smartphones — onto a whiteboard at the front of the room. Those images can be modified on the projecting device or with a pen or highlighting tool on the board itself, which functions as a touch screen.

The Smart Board helps round out the learning experience for tactical and visual learners and simplifies brainstorming sessions and classroom games. The boards are effective in displaying videos, photos, graphs, maps, illustrations and pretty much any other type of visual media out there. The simplest is just by downloading the SMART kapp app, which allows you to connect everyone signed into the app together to view and contribute to the presentation at hand.

Anyone viewing your presentation from the app can see and save your notes. With the app in whiteboard mode, you can also use your phone to write on the board. Remote Desktop You can also download software that allows you to create a remote desktop on your smartphone, which allows you to control the board from your phone when the Smart Board is connected to your PC or Mac. It actually works with any software that’s installed on your desktop, so installing a remote desktop app might be the way to go if you have multiple reasons for wanting to control your computer from your phone.

Splashtop Personal is an app available for iOS and Android that helps you create a remote desktop on your smartphone. For iPads and iPhones, Splashtop Personal charges a nominal fee.

Teaching like it’s It’s an Interactive Whiteboard! It’s a Doc Cam! It’s Apple TV!

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Each classroom is equipped with an Apple TV, projector with kanax adaptor, promethean board, document camera, teacher laptop and student iPads. Staff and Students can connect to the Apple TV in their classroom or one in close proximity to them by entering the connection security code that appears as the teacher turns on the Apple TV for use.

Apple TV has become an integral part of our classrooms and is used daily for students to share their work, teachers to show examples, etc. Apple TV is also in conference rooms and other large instruction rooms across the District. See the teacher feedback section on this page for examples of uses within the classroom. Fraser Public Schools has approximately Aruba wireless access points across the district. Staff and Student users are placed into separate VLAN pools at each building where different web content filtering rules are applied.

This is based upon user proximity to the Apple TV’s they are physically closest to within each building. Making the system easy and intuitive to use. See our partner link for contact information and for assistance with your District’s installation. Apple TV is a huge time saver. It allows sharing quickly and easily!! It allows everyone to focus on the task at hand.

3 Simple Steps to connect Ipad, Iphone or device to SMART Board or projector (part 1)