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Nickelodeon presents The Fresh Beat Band, a half-hour live-action program targeting preschoolers. The show’s simple storylines focus on the friends’ adventures outside the classroom. The program is billed as a “musical sitcom”, and the cast displays solid singing and dancing skills when the plot inevitably leads them to break into peppy musical numbers. The storylines are never very complicated. In “Singin’ in the Rain”, Marina brainstorms new song ideas, working with her friends to use a rainy weather forecast as inspiration. In “Circus Mojo”, the Fresh Beats pitch in to put on a show when the regular circus performers are delayed. The situations lend themselves to plenty of slapstick comedy and silly jokes, and the actors flash mega-bright smiles as they ultimately figure out that teamwork and positive attitudes are enough to solve most of the problems they encounter. The Fresh Beat Band offers bright sets, kicky costumes and a likable cast that probably will appeal to preschoolers. The songs are bouncy and lyrics impart a positive message, as in the song “Friends Give Friends a Hand,” but plot lines are very light, serving mainly as stepping stones between musical numbers.

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Mar 17,  · Jon Beavers, best known as “Twist” from Nickelodeon’s “The Fresh Beat Band,” shared some advice for kids who are dealing with bullies.

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The show stars the “Fresh Beats” Twist, Kiki, Shout and Marina , described as four best friends in a band who go to music school and graduate together as musicians who are determined to follow their dreams. The series premiered on Nickelodeon in the United States on August 24, In December , it was announced that the series would not be renewed for a fourth season.

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Email Gather your Juniorkins, put on your sparkly shoes and march on down the yellow road to meet the Wizard of Song. When Marina takes a break during band rehearsal, she gets swept up in a giant windstorm and is transported to a magical land. On her journeys to find her way home she meets up with a not-too-smart scarecrow Twist , an emotionless tinwoman Kiki , and a scaredy-cat lion Shout , who all sing and dance their way down the yellow road to meet the mighty and magical Wizard of Song Jason Mraz , who they hope will grant their respective wishes.

Click here to sing along! My kids are huge fans of the Fresh Beat Band and have almost all of their songs memorized! I even get the songs stuck in my head every time they are watching! I love Jason Mraz! The songs on this episode were super cute! My 8-year-old really wanted one of the enormous lollipops that they dance with in that song! The Juniorkins were really bright and colorful, plus the songs they sang were catchy and my kids had a blast dancing!

They really liked the blue car that Dorothy wakes up in and her pink sparkly shoes. My favorite character was Glinda the good witch.

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If you’ve got younger brothers and sister, you likely have seen The Fresh Beat Band playing in your house. Or perhaps you watched them yourself as you were growing up in these past few years.

It seems like these days more than ever that musical TV shows are popular among kids of all ages, and shows like these certainly aren’t a new phenomenon. For example, groups like The Wiggles have become worldwide household names, so it just goes to show how much kids love these shows. The Fresh Beat Band certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to entertainment value, well not for me personally but for my young children definitely.

Sometimes I’ll catch myself getting engrossed within the show myself while I’m doing something else in front of the TV. It’s just very fun and entertaining, the background music is very catchy and also the show has some nice lessons for children too. They are also known as the JumpArounds and feature on the Nick Jr. The show is all about four best friends who really enjoy music and attend the same music school together. It starts off with a song about the problems that they are about to solve within the episode.

Then you will see a little more about the problem, and of course the band will team up and work together to resolve the problem through out the episode. And once the problem is solved by the band, they’ll perform another song concerning the problem and how they solved it. Simple formula, but very easy to watch and my children just love it!

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The kids waited all week for this one – they were super excited!! From a mother’s perspective I love shows like this one – there is no language we have to worry about, no rude remarks and no violence. When we arrived at Paramount Studios they had lunch waiting for us. Our hosts gave the kids coloring pages and crayons to pass the time. Lunch was so yummy and I loved that they thought of the little ones and served chicken nuggets one of the only few things my daughter will eat.

Being one of the first ones there we got to go back first to watch them tape a clip of an upcoming show.

The Fresh Beat Band premiered on Nickelodeon last week after many, many promotion videos. The show is about four best friends, Marina, Kiki, Twist, and Shout, who go to music school together and play in The Fresh Beat Band. This live action program is targeted to preschoolers.

Some video are fan record from their tv set Name change During the buildup to the show’s debut, the band was initially advertised as “The Jump Arounds”. Commercials promoting the band under that name were in heavy rotation on Nick Jr. The change occurred approximately in mid July, , because the name was copyrighted. This event is FREE! All in all, we had a great day! I was invited to the Paramount Lot in Los Angeles and we were treated to lunch and smoothies.

Kiki Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer , Shout Thomas Hobson , Marina Tara Perry , and Twist Jon Beavers will perform The Fresh Beat Band hits from seasons one, two and three of the live-action music series that teaches preschoolers about music appreciation and how to express their feelings through movement, song and instrumental music. Fresh Beat Band party packages, which include a meet and greet with The Fresh Beat Band, will also be available for purchase. The song will be featured on the first The Fresh Beat Band soundtrack, which spans all three seasons of the TV series and will be available in January.

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Get on up, clap your hands, when you hear the Fresh Beat Band! It focuses on Twist, Kiki, Shout and Marina – four best friends in a band who go to music school together and love to sing and dance. The series features a variety of pop songs performed by the Fresh Beats, and has grown very popular among kids and their parents.

Twist (Fresh Beat Band) is an character from the children’s live action series Fresh Beat Band.

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Thanks to my 3yr old we watch it every chance it’s on. Shd has the DVDs and cd and activity book. We are going to their concert next month! Even if he’s 31 lol MissVickiFeb 7, Its nice to see such genuine love of music! I love this show for two reasons, for starts my 3 year old daughter learns to enjoy music in different ways and secondly I’m a musician non-profit at the moment. I like that they concentrate on the fun of making the music in a learning environment instead of sending negitive messeges to kids and parents that shrink the real meaning of art.

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After the interview we watched them perform, and it was a great show! How did you meet each other? We met a few years ago in Los Angeles when we first decided to put the band together. We needed a drummer, we needed a keyboard player, guitarist, DJ. It was a lot of auditions.

Oct 21,  · Best Answer: KIKI played by Yvette Gonzalez MARINA played by Shayna Rose TWIST played by Jon Beavers SHOUT played by Thomas Hobson They are now around Status: Resolved.

Get Directions Please Note: This event is from The show’s four adventurous main characters, Shout, Twist, Marina, and Kiki perform in a band, using their music to solve various problems. The high-energy pop band will come to the St. Augustine Amphitheatre on August 22, The Fresh Beat Band is composed of four best friends who attend music school and graduate together as four individuals with specific dreams they each hope to achieve.

Their band works together to solve problems that arise out of any situation, using music, dance, and lyrics to help the situation. The show is in its third season, released 5 singles, and won a Parent’s Choice Award in Their live show, running about an hour long with a short intermission, showcases each group member’s talents-from their clothes to the instruments they play. The group will perform several songs from seasons one, two, and three for the whole family to enjoy.

Their first tour was extremely successful which prompted their desire to go out on another, in the hopes to provide for their fans. The band offers a V. Friday, August 22, at 6:

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CD Baby – http: Helen Welch vocals, producer is joined by a range of other talented musicians that she collaborated with on this album, including Joe Leaman piano, keyboards , Bryan Thomas bass guitar , Anthony Taddeo drums, percussion , and Joe Parker guitar. A native of England, Welch is well-known throughout the United Kingdom for her musical theatre roles and unique performances.

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The Fresh Beat Band centers on four best friends – Kiki, Marina, Twist and Shout – in a band who attend music school together and love to sing and dance. Set to original pop songs, the half-hour series teaches preschoolers about music appreciation and how to express their feelings and emotions through movement, song and instrumental music.

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“Twist” from the Fresh Beat Band talks bullying