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Sizes in inches may be the maximum dimension or may refer only to the height, even when the figurine is longer or wider than high. Many more figurines available; please inquire if you are looking for a particular item. By , all figurines in production were given NEW three digit model numbers. All the figurines listed here were discontinued before and were never assigned new numbers. Figurines in production in were assigned new numbers and are listed on a separate page click on Current and Recently Discontinued Royal Copenhagen Figurines. On average, the MSRP for current figurines have more than doubled in price since — if you double the MSRP, you will get a pretty good estimate of what they would sell for new if still in production. It is the most complete listing and the best price guide for Royal Copenhagen figurines. If you collect or sell Royal Copenhagen figurines, you should have this book! As with any price guide, the prices shown reflect the opinions and experience of the authors.

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Below are web site links that can be helpful for identifying marks we might come across on open salts. These links will take you to outside web sites, so you will have to use your own browser’s back button to return here. This provides a plug-in method of dating and finding the manufacturer of any glass item registered in England between and Helpful for identifying and dating the color name of a Boyd Crystal Art Glass open salt.

ROYAL COPENHAGEN FIGURINES PORCELAIN, Figurer B&G + Kongelige, Kopenhagener Porzellan Figuren. porcelain figurines djeap discount second hand PORCELÆNSFIGURERgrondahl, Gröndahl, Königlich Kopenhagen, Dänemark, Denmark, Dänish Porcelain Export.

Starting out as a hippy settlement more than 40 years ago, this unique and controversial area was firstly designated as a social experiment and is now owned by the residents. Christiania is one of Denmark’s most loved tourist attractions, and each year, this “freetown” lures up to a million visitors. Admittedly, it may not be to everyone’s taste, however, it is a functioning alternative society, a place where many accepted norms simply don’t apply, and people live by their own rules.

Cars are banned, bicycles are the main mode of transport, and horses roam free. Highlights are the handmade houses and buildings and the large lake where children splash around with each other on hot summer days. Christiania Freetown, Copenhagen Official site: Believe it or not, this has been a leisure facility since


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Twelve Royal Copenhagen “Flora Danica” Porcelain Butter Pats, Denmark, c. , white ground with polychrome botanical specimens, crenellated gilt rim, bearing factory marks, dia. 3 .

My name is Jan Ringsmose. I have several years of experience in worldwide online sale and shipping of Danish china and porcelain figurines. In our inventory you will also find art as well as stoneware and Scandinavian art pottery. I understand if ordering and sending payment overseas the first time can be a big step. We do communicate in English, understand German Sorry we can’t help you in Polish, Russian, Italian, Spanish or French This site was started up as a Danish site – with pages dedicated to sale, but also with information about dating Danish porcelain and a lot of images dived after themes like porcelain dogs, horses or the production of a special artist – part of the pages will be in English and with a little guidance and careful reading, you will be able to use even the Danish features.

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Royal Copenhagen collectibles figurines. Royal copenhagen Figurine Marks and Dating figurines and some porcelain sets. Egemose – Mothers Day. Autobus Bear Cubs Playing. Rorstrand Del No Costumes.

For sale is an Antique Art Nouveau Royal Copenhagen Vase featuring Flowers and dating between , signed by Artist The other marks are “/”. There is light residue inside and one tiny pin point glaze imperfection near the base on the back side.

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From the late 19th century the Flora Danica were marked with the name of the Latin flower in black; the Royal Copenhagen hallmark and the pattern and form number Antique Flora Danica ca. Quality vary from not so good to superb. This was done by scratching through the 3 wavy blue lines with a diamond cutter. Pontil marks – Some larger pieces required additional support during firing, resulting in small circular marks beneath the supported area. Not really a reason to call it a 2nd.

Collector’s Guide to Royal Copenhagen Porcelain.

Royal Copenhagen Aluminia Faience Marks and Dating codes. Oven dishes. {Royal Copenhagen} Duck egg blue Danish Design Flute Blue Design Kitchen stuff Bakeware Blue and white Dinner Plates, Royal Copenhagen, White Porcelain, Hand Painted Dishes, Royal Blue Color, Blue Pottery, Side Plates, Dansk Design. Danish Christmas!

First mentioned internally in , where it was mentioned that the series was developed on the basis of a new silkscreening technique. The technique used by him and a number of younger artists gives the pieces a character of their own, by closely interwoven patterns in subtle colours. The signature of the artist is therefore shown in a ring on the back of each piece in the series. Most of the forms were designed by Nils Thorsson NT.

Ellen Malmer EM designed 14 forms and a few were designed by the other artists: The 94 different forms are known with different decorations. The items are marked with two numbers. The first number is the form number above the line and the number under the line is the decoration number. So there will be a total number of about different BACA-items. Also the first three annual mugs of the years , and in two sizes were BACA-decorated.

Denmark has a faience tradition which is more than two hundred years old.

Royal Copenhagen

From Danish point of view one thing was missing: The history of the modern porcelain pipe, The Royal Danish Porcelain pipe. This article deals with this piece of the pipe history. This trademark has for centuries been synonymous with porcelain objects of the highest quality by almost every adult Dane. The purpose of this article is to describe a little piece of interesting resent Danish Pipe history which the Royal Porcelain Pipe is a part of.

Royal Copenhagen, made in Denmark. Small sauce boat #, 1st quality. Mark date it from Measures only 6 inces from the handle across the spout. Holds about 8 or 10 ounces. Condition: No damage or signs of use. And no apparent flaws.

Chinese ceramics Porcelain originated in China, and it took a long time to reach the modern material. Until recent times, almost all East Asian porcelain was of the hard-paste type. There is no precise date to separate the production of proto-porcelain from that of porcelain. Although proto-porcelain wares exist dating from the Shang dynasty — BC , by the time of the Eastern Han dynasty period BC— AD , glazed ceramic wares had developed into porcelain, which Chinese defined as high-fired ware.

The wares were already exported to the Islamic world , where they were highly prized. From the Peabody Essex Museum.

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The high quality pottery and porcelain figures produced there are now generally referred to by the abbreviated name, “Royal Dux. Bohemia became part of Czechoslovakia which was in turn controlled first by Germany then the Soviet Union. In , even the national name was changed to Czech Republic. The problem facing collectors is that many original 19th century molds have remained in production throughout the company’s year history. With vintage 19th century Royal Dux selling for up to several thousand dollars, modern pieces are often offered, either deliberately or through ignorance, as much older than they really are.

Royal Copenhagen Unique Stoneware Coffee Maker Pot By Patrick Nordstrøm Lladro m – $1, Lladro m Poodle matte Finish, Unboxed, Pre-bellflower Logo, Very Rare.

Dating Royal Copenhagen Posted on By admin Royal Copenhagen has used the three wavy water lines to identify their porcelain since it started in — Early pieces frequently include a dot in front of the waves. The mark was not very consistently drawn, often with quite flat waves that look quite rushed- presumably each workman had their own slight variant until about Hand drawn lines usually indicate manufacture before The example to the left is pre Between and the lines are more uniform — either done with a three nib pen or as a print.

From a circle was added over the lines — inside which was a crown between the curved words Royal Copenhagen. The circle was dropped from non export marks. In until the words Royal Copenhagen replaced the circle. Separated with two dots one each side of the word Royal the words sit above the three wavy lines.

All Royal Copenhagen marks that include text are printed in capitals in a non-serif font. Dating indicators were first added to the Royal Copenhagen mark in NB There is a separate code for the crown and Denmark mark that excludes the factory name which will be covered in another article.

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