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Before moving further let us highlight some key features of it in front of our readers. Users can enjoy chatting through it, and it supports both text and high quality video chat. Comes with proximity features so that users can easily find out the person nearby and can arrange a meet. It also comes with a new feature in which users will become friends whenever wink matches. Through it users can easily connect with different types of people from all around the world. Exploring the interface of the Xoticaa Now let us explore the interface of the app so that our users can easily understand the working of this online dating platform. Users have to accept some Terms and Conditions before moving further. After that users have to create an account. This can be done just by entering the phone number. After that users have to enter some information like Name, DOB, etc.

How to develop Image Gallery app in Android in Kotlin Tutorial

October 2, by Bryan Wilde One of the things that historically set the Android operating system apart from competitors such as iOS is the ability to create interactive app widgets that display in other applications such as the home screen. An Android app widget is a miniature application window designed to be embedded in other applications. These widgets can receive periodic updates such as RSS feeds, weather updates, and news articles.

Most Android users expect their favorite applications to provide a widget for quick and easy access to information they need. As an Android app developer, it is your job to understand what a widget is and how you can implement them into your existing and future development projects. Android Development for Beginners offers two comprehensive sections specifically about creating attractive app widgets.

ACTIFIT APP – Android Tutorial Almost 2 months of its launch, the @actifit app has come to change steemians way of thinking & acting! Actifit app already has more than downloads and more than users on a daily basis who cover the minimum of steps, posting their .

Electronic Arts Content rating: Seems Like Classic Sims The Sims FreePlay is a life simulation game from the popular The Sims series; unlike the other games in this series, this has been created for mobile games and the classic The Sims gameplay has been redesigned to suit mobile devices. Players create and care for their Sims as they go through life and age. This free to play game uses real-time to dictate the actions of Sims and the player needs to issue all instructions to their Sims.

It looks more like a ‘top-down’ game, however, this is not the case as the camera can easily be zoomed in and panned around the house. Everything in the game looks fantastic on mobil Read More e devices and follows the classic Sims graphics seen in the other games. Not only does Sims FreePlay work incredibly well on mobile devices, it’s almost perfectly brought a free version of The Sims to mobiles; this is a great way to experience The Sims while away from a PC or console, however, it does have some downsides.

While the game does feature a cash store, there’s no need to ever actually buy anything; all gameplay impacting items that can be bought in the cash store can also be purchased with in-game money. The only downside to this, however, is the fact that it takes much longer to purchase these items and the player will need to do quite a bit of grinding. The only items in the cash store that can not be purchased anywhere else are clothing items; these are not needed to progress through the game and the free store already offers quite a lot of options to select from.

The game uses real-time for everything and waiting for long periods at a time can be very annoying; as the game progresses more Sims are unlocked which helps with this issue slightly. The biggest annoyance due to this, however, is the fact that the game is constantly running, the Sims are always waiting for the player to command them and will not do anything for themselves. It gives the player more responsibilities about making sure they go to work on time and that they have their basic needs met.

The game features a clear UI that is easy to understand and use which allows for a smooth gaming experience.

Android Widget Tutorial: Learning the Basics

Podcasts Stay current with the latest in tech comm Keep current with the latest trends in technical communication by subscribing to the I’d Rather Be Writing newsletter. I thought it would be a good idea to respond in more detail in a blog post. Most likely your apps are designed for iPhones and Android smartphones. I don’t have experience creating screencasts for other types of phones, but I can give some general guidance.

Although you can position a camera above the phone and record actions on any screen, that kind of recording process limits you considerably. I think it’s more difficult to edit raw video than to edit a screen recording, since a screen recording allows you to more easily manipulate, hide, or add screen elements as needed.

R Programming Tutorial Android App. likes. Welcome to the official page for the R Programming Language Android App Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. LoveMet – Social Dating App. App Page. Android Amazing Apps. App Page. Laxmi Fountains. Food & Beverage Company.

You can specify any combination of these attributes, as long as they are present in the SDK, for example: The package hierarchy is a logical structure that overlays the directory structure in your workspace. Each package is a directory and its subdirectories that contains a related set of source files and a BUILD file. A more complex project may have many nested packages. The most important type is the build rule , which tells Bazel how to build an intermediate or final software output from a set of source files or other dependencies.

If not, Bazel builds it and then uses that output to build the application package file. Now, save and close the file. The target is specified as the name of a build rule inside a BUILD file, with along with the package path relative to your workspace directory. Note that you can sometimes omit the package path or target name, depending on your current working directory at the command line and the name of the target.

See Labels in the Bazel Concepts and Terminology page for more information about target labels and paths. Bazel will start to build the sample app. During the build process, its output will appear similar to the following:

How to Develop an Android App with Flutter SDK using Dart Tutorial

As signaling service, I will be using a NodeJS server that we will run on out computer. The process I have followed on developing the app is almost the same as the one explained on the Codelab, also seeking for help through a couple of Medium post I have found quite interesting from fellows working the same issue as I am.

I will try to cover the whole process in one post so the explanation can lack in some information. If you are looking for a further explanation, I will leave the links I have followed when I was working developing my example app. It is this one. I extremely recommend you to read those post.

Android Text to Speech Tutorial By Ravi Tamada July 12, 0 Comments Android is providing a cool feature (from Android ) called Text to Speech (TTS) which speaks the text in different languages.

Working Friendly Chat app. Welcome to the Friendly Chat codelab. In this codelab, you’ll learn how to use the Firebase platform to create Android applications. You will implement a chat client and monitor its performance using Firebase. What you learn to do Allow users to sign in. Sync data using the Firebase Realtime Database. Receive background messages with Firebase Notifications. Configure an application with Firebase Remote Config. Track application usage flows with Google Analytics for Firebase.

Allow users to send invitations to install with Firebase Invites. Display ads with AdMob. Report crashes with Firebase Crash Reporting. Test your app with Firebase Test Lab. What you need Android Studio version 2.

App Builder

In my experience, an in-application HTML manual one that doesn’t require a network connection to read can work well in a mobile application. If you use styling that’s appropriate for a mobile device a narrower page width, screenshots sized to the device display, quick links at the top of each manual section, etc. For example, this is the manual that I bundle within an iOS application of mine, using a web view that loads the local HTML, CSS, and images to display this without going out to a server.

I’ve used a style that fits well with the screen size of an iPhone, or that can appear in a nice popup on an iPad.

A collection of samples to discuss and showcase different architectural tools and patterns for Android apps. Codelabs are short, self-paced tutorials that step you through the process of building a particular type of app or adding a new feature to an existing app.

No Comment It is a social need to be with people, to share things, to understand them. Most of us feels the need of a perfect mate in his or her life. Thousands of dating apps are available for smartphones. Be it a casual date, or something serious that you want, a smartphone and an Internet connection is all you need to get started. When it comes to online dating apps, Tinder takes the cake without a doubt. With some thrill to find new people you can also have peace of mind because Tinder mostly shows you matches which are somehow connected to the people in your friend list.

Interface of this app is very simple. There are some drawbacks of the app such as in free version it will not allow you to undo Swipes. From here you can get it for iPhone and Android. Another in the list of best dating apps for your smartphone is Skout. The app is also compatible with android wearables which is very rare in free dating apps. It is an easy way to find out local people or someone in your extended social circle. It is really a good way to make new friends.

android: How can I implement first time tutorial like Go Launcher in my app

How to test the fingerprint app in Android emulator As said before, there are several steps to follow to enable fingerprint authentication: We will implement these steps. Before starting, it is important to request the permission to use the touch sensor and the fingerprint authentication. So in the Manifest.

Building an Android app isn’t as hard as it might seem, as long as you focus on creating a simple app at first. Android Authority shares a tutorial that covers the 10 main things you have to do.

Also those libraries which helps in i application performance ii clean code iii code quality and code optimization and many other such point. Today I will list down top libraries which are being used by experienced developers in their apps development. Retrofit 2 with OkHttp3 Are you still using AsyncTask or implementing http operations with custom callbacks?

If yes then I would suggest you to start using Retrofit 2. These are couple of winning points over Volley library but if we compare both the libraries then both are having pros and cons. Retrofit uses OkHttp automatically if available. Retrofit can be used on top of OkHttp, but it is not required.


Some of those changes are constant messages visible in your Notification Bar or adding shortcuts in your home screen without warning you even if you disabled the options to create them. If you want to stop those apps from doing preciously mentioned things I will help you to easily detect them and then remove from your Android device. To get started follow steps below: To remove those annoying spam ads first we need to locate them.

Once the app is installed, lunch it from your Applications section. From main app window click on green Start Scan button.

The Android operating system can be divided into the four areas as depicted in the following graphic. An Android application developer typically works with the two layers on top to create new Android .

If you are quick-witted Don’t try to find an answer here. Just press all the buttons you see in AntiChat app, or ask other users for help! The more you experiment and the more users you ask, the more new amazing relationships you will find here. What’s the point of this app? The point of this app is to have fun, meet new people, and make friends.

You can also use this app for dating purposes and find a spouse as well! How to start chatting and sending pics? You chat and build up karma. The more you chat, the more karma you get. If you want to share your pictures, you should communicate using text messages not less than 15 minutes. Otherwise your pictures may be blocked for low reputation.

Karma – is your social status in the anonymous world of AntiChat. The more adequate and active is your behavior, the higher karma you get.

Firebase Android Codelab

OnClickListener jerom the tts works fine but how can we load it faster, so that it doesnot cause delay when text input is given for conersion monica How to build the TTS for own database or voice? Please help me Zeeshan How can i use this functionality without having any interface? I am developing a app for visually Impaired persons , i just need to generate a voice alert, and the text alert will be hard coded. Can anyone help me with this?

Android Floating Widget Tutorial – Display Widget Over Apps August 24, by Belal Khan 5 Comments In this tutorial we will learn creating a Floating Widget in our Application.

Google Play Main goal? Connect with new people. Dating has never been easier. BonBon is a free dating app that will aid you in your search for a new love, or simply discover new friends with matching interests. Ignite the spark by flirting to find a meaningful experience or simply have fun. What is this app? BonBon is a new dating app, that doesn’t restrict you in your quest for flirting, friendship or simply bond with other people.

How does it work? You go trough a simple process of registering, either via Facebook the preferred method or a standard registration process which will require you to confirm your email before you can use the app. After it gets your location it will be able to find the best matches, according to your preferences maximum distance, age range and gender.

Free Android Dating App

Needed Software The ingredients every Android developer needs are: I will use a particular IDE and SDK version, if your setup is different, then settings, code and screenshots may also vary. You will need basic Java knowledge to follow this tutorial. Getting Started You can find the final code for this project on GitHub. I will name mine com. Next, pick the platforms you want to develop for.

Free Android Dating Apps – Find single people in your location, register on our dating for free, because it will help you to find love or relationship. Free Android Dating Apps In writing this essay for your profile on your site free dating, make sure you double-check grammar and spelling check is accurate.

They have put a great effort in this language and with Kotlin now the Android Development is more fun. And ever since Google announced official support for Kotlin for Android development, there has been a huge surge of interest in the language. So if you are already a Java developer and thinking of switching to Kotlin for android development or you just want to learn this awesome language to increase you skills. This Learn Kotlin for Android App is going to be your best friend.

With its beautiful UI and easy to learn guide you can learn the Kotlin Programming in few Days, and this is what make this app different from other apps. We are constantly updating this app with every new major Kotlin language release and adding more code snippets. Few more Reasons to Learn Kotlin 1.

AroundMe (iOS and Android) – More than a dating app by Angopapo