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The customer had a transmission issue and had a used transmission installed. I verified the complaint on a test drive and found that this car had no 1st or 4th gear. With the scan tool hooked up, I looked for any set codes and none were found. My next step was to verify the transmission fluid level, which was correct. My next test was to use the scan tool and try to command shift solenoid A, shift solenoid B, and the TCC solenoid while listening for an audible click. I could only hear the TCC solenoid operating. Seems like we have a power issue to pin E. I pulled off the connector at the transmission and inspected both halves of the connector for any corrosion or damage. Then I tested for power on pin A and E. Both pins had power.

What You Need To Know Before You Buy A GM With A R4 Transmission

Maximum Care is available with a variety of terms, so choose the time and mileage that is best for you. Covered Components Maximum Care is an exclusionary extended warranty, often referred to as a “Bumper-to-Bumper warranty” and as such if it’s not excluded, it’s covered. The only parts and labor not covered are: Maintenance services and items used in such services. Body and paint items, including soft trim.

Just plur your Ford F and Year into the Year Make Model selector above and when you search for a Transmission Vacuum Modulator Auto Parts Warehouse will .

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Broken Vacuum Hose, Where does the other end go??? Just changed the intake manifold gaskets, got all vacuum hoses that I disconnected put back properly. However, there is one hose coming from down near the transmission that only came upwards about 5″ and was then broken off at that point.

It is a 3-speed fully automatic transmission originally intended for use with engines that produced up to approximately pound-feet of torque. How are the vacuum lines attached on a stock Chevy Cheyenne three quarter ton small block turbo trans?

You will want to be able to identify a ported vacuum source from a manifold vacuum source from an EGR vacuum source. Ports are also supplied on most carbs for the PCV system and for a power brake booster. At idle there should be no vacuum or very nearly so, depending on how far the primary throttle blades are opened to allow the engine to idle. Engines having big cams and a low vacuum signal at idle will often have the primary throttle blades opened too far, causing a vacuum signal at the ported vacuum port s.

This can cause “nozzle drip”, a harsh odor of exhaust, and a poor idle quality. This can be fixed by supplying the engine with bypass idle air sufficient to allow the throttle blades to be returned to a normal position. More on this [link to carb article]. There is always debate on which type of vacuum for the vacuum advance is “best”. The simple truth of the matter is there are reasons for either to be used, depending on the situation.

Ford AOD Transmission Installation and Swapping Guide by DIY Ford

I think a lot of people thought they would open all the time when ya put your foot into it, but it doesnt Heres some info for ya I hope it helps!!! Most notably, it was the first time since that the GTO was built on a platform other than the A-body. Based on the X-body chassis, the GTO package was optional on the Ventura model and included color coordinated decals, a ci 4-barrel engine, and a functional Trans Am-style shaker hood scoop.

With operational characteristics similar to that of earlier Trans Am models, a larger single solenoid replaced dual solenoids to control air valve operation.

Jul 23,  · In the right rear, a steel line goes to the vacuum modulator on the transmission. From the base on the front a hose runs to the vacuum advance on the distributor. There’s a port on the carburetor neck that supplies fresh air to the choke tube.

I had my vacuum advance hooked up to the ported vacuum port after reading this article I hooked it up to full manifold vacuum adjusted the idle rpm. The car has so much more power now. As many of you are aware, timing and vacuum advance is one of my favorite subjects, as I was involved in the development of some of those systems in my GM days and I understand it. Many people don’t, as there has been very little written about it anywhere that makes sense, and as a result, a lot of folks are under the misunderstanding that vacuum advance somehow compromises performance.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I finally sat down the other day and wrote up a primer on the subject, with the objective of helping more folks to understand vacuum advance and how it works together with initial timing and centrifugal advance to optimize all-around operation and performance. I have this as a Word document if anyone wants it sent to them – I’ve cut-and-pasted it here; it’s long, but hopefully it’s also informative.

This requires that lean mixtures have “the fire lit” earlier in the compression cycle spark timing advanced , allowing more burn time so that peak cylinder pressure is reached just after TDC for peak efficiency and reduced exhaust gas temperature wasted combustion energy. Rich mixtures, on the other hand, burn faster than lean mixtures, so they need to have “the fire lit” later in the compression cycle spark timing retarded slightly so maximum cylinder pressure is still achieved at the same point after TDC as with the lean mixture, for maximum efficiency.

The centrifugal advance system in a distributor advances spark timing purely as a function of engine rpm irrespective of engine load or operating conditions , with the amount of advance and the rate at which it comes in determined by the weights and springs on top of the autocam mechanism. The amount of advance added by the distributor, combined with initial static timing, is “total timing” i.

Vacuum advance has absolutely nothing to do with total timing or performance, as when the throttle is opened, manifold vacuum drops essentially to zero, and the vacuum advance drops out entirely; it has no part in the “total timing” equation. At idle, the engine needs additional spark advance in order to fire that lean, diluted mixture earlier in order to develop maximum cylinder pressure at the proper point, so the vacuum advance can connected to manifold vacuum, not “ported” vacuum – more on that aberration later is activated by the high manifold vacuum, and adds about 15 degrees of spark advance, on top of the initial static timing setting i.

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But as a rule the r4 holds about 11 Quarts. TV Cable Adjustment Adjusting the TV cable is a relatively easy process that allows you to change the shift points of your vehicle. It will fix a R4 that has really firm shifts, or shifts that feel to sluggish. It is important to make sure that this cable is in adjustment.

R / R4 Lockup Wiring Kit. Email to a Friend. $ Availability or when removing the factory computer in pre applications that utilize a R4 or R4 transmission. The fully adjustable vacuum switch automatically locks and unlocks the torque converter with engine vacuum and can be configured for various vacuum levels.

The easiest way to tell them apart is with their pan shapes. But this photo also illustrates their outward appearance. CHP The password for cool ’90s street performance is Late-model automatic and manual overdrive transmissions are quickly becoming the sweethearts of the street set. Not that long ago, a fast street car meant compromises, including deep gears, high-rpm highway cruising, and poor mileage. But the high-tech ’80s and ’90s have brought us more than just electronic fuel injection.

They also delivered durable automatic overdrive transmissions. While the TH R4 has garnered most of the attention as the performance automatic overdrive of choice, companies such as TCI and Art Carr consider the TH R every bit the ‘s equal in terms of torque capacity and durability. There are several advantages to the TH R:

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It is sometimes also referred to as the 4L The R4 was one of General Motors first over drive automatic transmission and was used in everything from Corvettes to pickup trucks. The first R4 had their share of issues. Here is a list of things to look for when considering buying a car with this transmission. This design was subject to failure because it really need more spline to handle the load properly.

In they introduced a 30 spline input shaft which was much stronger.

Mar 04,  · Holley offers tips on properly setting up the transmission kickdown levers on GM Turbo Hydro and automatic transmissions. The video also demonstrates how to .

If your car is a pumpe duse and is you can use 2 types: VW g a2 is the current synthetic oil thanks for the tip heychris! If you have a choice, use the synthetic oil. For all cars, G70 supercedes all previous gear oils. VW is constantly changing their gear oil spec for whatever reason and contradicting themselves so just use whatever you want as long as it’s GL The part number for G70 is G a2. I have tried a few different gear oils including the OEM VW synthetic and found that I prefer Redline MTL since it’s slightly thinner and makes shifting easier, especially in the winter.

Here is a link where you can get Redline MTL. From thickest to thinnest, here is a list of gear oil viscosity at average working temperatures. Note that the car must be level, otherwise the fluid level will not be accurate. I use wheel blocks to raise the car as an extra level of safety in addition to jack stands as suggested in q:

where do i hook up my vacuum modulator line

The fact that it is not electrically actuated by solenoids means it requires other apparatus to regulate shift points. Simply put, an automatic transmission, whether an early or late model, relies on hydraulic pressure to change gears and to regulate at which time it does so. The vacuum modulator affects the shift points with the use of engine vacuum. Testing the Modulator 1 Block the rear wheels.

Raise the front of the vehicle.

Hook It Up! The most important thing to do when using a vacuum gauge is to connect it to a constant vacuum source on the engine. Some manifolds incorporate a plug .

In some cases especially early-mid ‘s , it almost looks like they designed the system by simply throwing a handful of spaghetti at the engine and saying, “Route the hoses like that. Two good sources of these manuals are Amazon. Since these are pretty expensive but worth it! I’m sure this collection isn’t complete. EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation The purpose of the EGR port is to feed exhaust gas from the exhaust system back into the intake air flow whenever the coolant temperature is high enough and the ported vacuum is also high ie, not during startup and only during heavy loads or hard acceleration.

This decreases the engine temperature, which in turn decreases the emission of harmful nitrous oxide NOx gases. Reduced temps will reduce pinging, which will in turn allow you to advance your timing farther for better power throughout most of the RPM range. By diluting your intake charge with exhaust gas, the EGR will reduce your peak horsepower at higher RPM’s, but it will not adversely affect power under normal driving conditions. In fact, with the base ignition timing properly set, the EGR will allow for increased power at low- and mid-range RPM’s.

If you use the engine for drag racing, then disabling the EGR is probably a good idea. For any other use, you’re better off making sure it works. Edelbrock makes Performer intake manifolds that come either with or without an EGR port.

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If your speedometer reads wrong, don’t suffer. A very easy operation. Simply lift the front of the car and find the cable going to the side of the tranny.

Hello all! Escape w/ L V6. Just changed the intake manifold gaskets, got all vacuum hoses that I disconnected put back properly. However, there is one hose coming from down near the transmission that only came upwards about 5″ and was then broken off at that point.

However, it’s possible for the transfer case to “over-fill” itself with fluid. The junction of the transfer case and the transmission is contains a seal, which is supposed to prevent the automatic transmission fluid ATF inside the transmission from making its way into the transfer case. These seals can fail over time. When that happens, ATF from the transmission will leak into the transfer case.

When it does get full, ATF can push its way past the vacuum switch and into the rubber vacuum lines that connect to the switch. Once the fluid makes its way into the lines, vacuum sucks the fluid all through the vacuum system. Fluid begins to leak into unsightly places. Over longer periods of time, transmission fluid levels drop. None of this is good. After many years, GM engineers apparently caught on to what had to have been an odd correlation between the ordering of replacement vacuum actuators and transfer case vacuum switches at the same time.

Unfortunately for the tens of thousands of us who own S-series vehicles with the old transfer case switches, we gotta deal with the consequences when the transfer case input shaft seal fails. Those consequences usually include some or all of the following: Sometimes it is good, but usually not for long. Lack of control of HVAC functions The hissing might actually be coming from the vacuum-powered actuators, buried deep within the guts of the dashboard.

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