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True, but JIRA, from the software stable Atlassian, has really taken off after being initially used for software development. These characteristics, in tandem with the add-ons library, have turned JIRA into a welcome guest in many IT departments. Pandora FMS provides the necessary oversight of the infrastructure, advising on possible errors and giving a global view of your environment, while JIRA and the technical staff manage the disparate hardware and software incidents, all meaning that, when Pandora FMS detects any anomalous activity JIRA automatically generates a ticket. To carry out the integration the Pandora FMS dev team have developed a plugin available at the Pandora FMS plugin library , which is easy to install and which automates issue creation on JIRA, generating a ticket the moment a module status changes on Pandora FMS and an alert is triggered. The first thing you have to do is to download the plugin and put it in a file, e. Once the file is uploaded, check that you have permission to execute. The plugin is now ready to be configured. Pandora FMS alerts are based on three components; commands, actions and templates. Use the following command: To give an example, in our environment, it looks like this:

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There are choices on some screens. Just move the mouse around.

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How to search for music in the Sonos app How to download the Sonos app for iPhone and iPad Before you can start using your new Sonos speakers, you’ll need Sonos’s official app; you can download it for iPhone and iPad from the App Store. You can also search the App Store for “sonos” at any time to find it. How to set up your Sonos speaker When setting up a new Sonos speaker, you’ll follow a slightly different opening process depending on whether you’re a brand new Sonos customer or you already have an account.

Enter your email address and a strong password. Use the toggle switch to accept the terms and conditions. Switch to your email account to confirm your address. Tap the Verify email address button.

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What is ? As a consequence of years of experiences on enterprise applications management, Midway team from Alibaba open-sourced finally. It is an application manager integrates many capabilities like monitoring, debugging, resiliency.

Can’t find your answer? Get the answer Jun 7, , 1: I’m working with the Livio about 8 feet from the Airport Extreme so I’m not out of range. I’ve tried hooking directly to Ethernet and the same lack of success. Tried the factory reset, and pulled the power cord out of the radio for a while. I notice that on the bottom of page 15 of the User Helper manual that it says make sure some ports are open.

Did you have to doodle with that, and if so, can you advise as to how I do that? Also, can you confirm that you had to convert your regular network password to hexadecimal format? That’s what tech support told me to do and that really seems odd to me. John Jun 9, , 1: One is for when you use the ethernet and the other is for the wireless router. You should check those and add the Livio if the Mac filtering is disabled. I know that their tech support just changed.

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Feb 02,  · I have an Iphone 6S and whenever I try to kick up the Pandora app, it asks me to connect the Iphone via the aux cable (which is weird because it looks like Android support works through the Bluetooth, but anyway..).

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“Unable to connect to Pandora” on your iPhone October 26, Rob Blatt 3 Comments Your clock is set incorrectly, and you need to manually set it to the correct time.

Like many people, I had an old stereo receiver that was gathering dust. It is now set up in the garage and I sometimes listen to FM stations less and less , or plug my iPod in and listen to podcasts or music while working on some project. I think I bought this receiver, around and it only puts out about 25 watts per channel but it still works perfectly and is ideal for the garage. Here is how to hook up Pandora between your computer and a stereo amp somewhere else in the house. I recommend using a length of cat5 Ethernet cable cat3 phone cable would also work and measure it out to go from your computer to your stereo amp, wherever that happens to be.

Obviously you want to avoid running it over hot water pipes or places where it can get damaged. My cable is about 35 feet long to go from my upstairs office down to the garage below. Next get one of those short cables that you use to feed your ipod into a standard stereo amp. It has a mini stereo plug on one end like the one on your iPod earbuds, and a pair of RCA plugs on the other end. If not, you can get one at Radio Shack for a couple bucks. Cut this cable in the center and strip the wires carefully back.

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How to Play Pandora Through a Car Stereo by Jule Pamplin Playing Pandora Internet radio through your car stereo system requires you to connect a device to your stereo that can receive Internet service. Use an iPod Touch, iPhone or other smartphone, or a laptop computer to receive Internet in your vehicle. Connect an FM modulator to play the content streaming on the device you have chosen. You’ll need to consult your owner’s manual for instructions on removing your factory stereo.

So you just got an Amazon Echo, either from the recent sales or the holidays. Let’s take a look at how to set it up and some useful things you can task your Echo with. Simply put, the Echo is a voice-controlled virtual assistant that lets you control smarthome devices, check the weather, play.

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If you are driving a though or even earlier your options will be more limited. In some cases it can be added by adding a product like this , intended to connect to the rear seat entertainment plug on the back of your radio to function as an audio input. This one features a 3.

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MyLink opens up some great features, including Siri Eyes Free, for the driver to take advantage of. These include Siri reading and responding to text messages and emails, scheduling appointments, or selecting music from the iPod to playback through the stereo. All of this occurs hands free so that your eyes remain on the road. You can also connect an Android device to the car, but the voice commands work differently. Be sure to check out our story about it so you know the differences.

With the car running, select Settings from the home screen on the display. Then select Connection Settings from the menu. From the next menu that appears, select Bluetooth Settings. Finally, select the Search Bluetooth Device button at the bottom of the screen. On the iPhone, open the Settings app and select Bluetooth. Wait while the car discovers the phone.

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The apps have to use the crappy speakers built into your TV. A digital audio out port. Most brands have been including digital audio ports on their HDTVs for years, so even older sets should have one. Bonus points if your digital audio port can send out a full Dolby Digital 5. These methods are good for getting any sound off your HDTV and back to your receiver.

Jul 30,  · I have used Pandora online for free through a browser and enjoyed it, but I can’t find any confirmation that it is free when accessed through the Cox Contour service.

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